About EID

The County Administrative Board of Dalarna was one of the earliest Swedish counties that prioritized energy and climate issues within the regional work with the environ-mental objectives. The first energy program was put together already in 2005 and the work has been firmly established locally ever since then. The work with energy and climate issues is conducted using a broad approach and is an important part of the county’s environmental efforts as well as the county’s work regarding regional development.

As early as 2006, a regional collaboration called Energy Intelligent Dalarna (EID) was formed, which is a network organization with about 80 participating organizations. The network has a board, with the county governor as chairperson and board members from, among others, Region Dalarna, the industrial sector, the property sector, Dalarna University and adult education. Energy Intelligent Dalarna has a secretariat located at the County Administrative Board.

Gathering all of the affected sectors and most important organizations in the cooperative forum Energy Intelligent Dalarna is a key to success regarding the work with energy and climate issues in Dalarna. The fact that the organization is perceived as voluntary, open, positive and flexible has contributed to a broad acceptance, meaning that essentially all organizations that are active within this area today are a part of the network. The participating partners feel that Energy Intelligent Dalarna constitutes a unifying link representing coordination and sharing of knowledge.

Another important key to success in Dalarna’s work has been the method of creating cooperative forums for different sectors. Work within Energy Intelligent Dalarna has been organized in several processes and networks for the various sectors within energy-related work. The joint action that has come furthest is the dialogue group for the construction and property sectors, Byggdialog Dalarna (Building Dialogue Dalarna).

The County Board took the initiative to Byggdialog in 2005 and during the first years also acted as host and unifying link for the network. Building Dialogue Dalarna takes a coordinated handle on the questions connected to energy transition within the building and property sectors and has gathered representatives in three groups dealing with planning, construction and management.